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1. The electric scooters equip lithium batteries, so they are international prohibited goods. We have to deliver them in some special way. Usually, there is no normal way to transport them, So we send them to Shenzhen at first, then to Hongkong, and Europe/Russia/USA/Australia, etc. Generally, we will ship it by train to Europe/Russia, by sea to USA/Canada/Australia, then deliver it by UPS/DHL/FedEx and other logistics companies.

2. The tracking number can't be trackable before finishing the clearance generally, if you can track it, it means you will get a scooter several days later, before that, please wait patiently.

3. Free tax means we will bear the customs/taxes/VAT for you, you won't pay for that anymore. Free tax countries: EU/USA/UAE/Russia/Australia/Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand and so on. If you come from other countries, please consult us before your buy.

4. From early 2020, some states of the United States would charge customs duties directly when you purchase goods from Aliexpress. So if you're from those states when you submit an order, you'll find that the system charges you extra taxes automatically, if you want to avoid it, please contact me, maybe I can do something to help you.

5. If you're from Bulgaria/Romania/Ireland, although these countries are members of the EU, they would charge the second time customs duties may be, it's not 100%, but a certain probability. This situation is beyond my control, so if you're from these countries when you're charged by agency, you have to pay the second time customs duties by yourself. I don't know how much they will charge you, you have to consult your local customs agency.

6. If you're from Australia, and you don't have an import license, because the government of Australia changed the import policy, We have to ship the scooter without battery, and ship the battery separately at the same time, you have to install the battery by yourself, and you have to bear the shipping fees of battery, it's around $100. If you don't want to do that, of course, I will ship the scooter with the battery, just as I said, it's not 100%, but a certain probability, sometimes it's strict but sometimes it isn't.

7. If you're from UK, Switzerland, Norway, because they do not belong to the EU, many sellers cannot deliver them, but we can. Please contact customer service before placing an order.

2000W Dual Motor | 48V18Ah Battery

* Front/rear Shock Absorption
* One LED headlight
* 10-inch vacuum tires
* Remote control
* Double disc brake system
* 2000w dual motor
* 55km/h max speed (It is affected by factors such as road conditions and rider weight, subject to specific data.)
* 48V 18Ah lithium battery
* About 55-60km range (It is affected by factors such as speed, road conditions, and rider weight, subject to specific data.)

Packing List

1 * Electric Scooter (battery inside)
1 * Charger
2* Remote Control Key
1* Removable Seat
1* Manual
1* Tool
1* CE Certificate


Adult Electric Scooters 2000W Dual Motor E Scooter in…

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48V 2000W 18Ah, 48V 1000W 18Ah, 48V 1000W 13Ah, 48V 350W 15Ah


China, Czech Republic, Poland, SPAIN, France

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Adult Electric Scooters 2000W Dual Motor E…

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